Professor Leonard Swidler

Born January 6, 1929. Married (Arlene Anderson—died May 24, 2008); 2 children (Carmel & Eva), 1 granddaughter (Willow Swidler)

Address Office: Religion Department, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 19122

Address Home: 7501 Woodcrest Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19151 Tel: 215-204-7225 ( Office ), 215-477-1080; 513-508-1935 ( Mobile ); Fax : 215-204-4569 Email: dialogue@temple.edu

Co-Founder/Editor, Journal of Ecumenical Studies (1964) http://jesdialogue.org; Emeritus, January 1, 2019

Founder/President, Dialogue Institute: Interreligious, Intercultural International (1978.) http://jesdialogue.org

Founder/Past-President Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church (1980) https://arcc-catholic-rights.net/

Co-Founder iPub Global Connection: https://ipubglobalconnection.com/

Co-Founder/Director Global Dialogue Institute: (1993-) https://www.globaldialogueinstitute.org/ Ethics from a Global Perspective: https://dialogueinstitute.org/ethics-from-a-global-perspective

Blog: religionsindialogue.blogspot.com

Facebook : facebook .com/dialogueinstitute

The world is too complicated for anyone to grasp alone; increasingly, we can understand reality only with the help of the other, in Dialogue.
Through Dialogue, we grow and expand our worldview, into our wholeness or holiness. 
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